Benefits of the raw cat food diet

In the early 20th century, the diet of domestic cats was based on prey found in human rural settlements. In these places, the kittens usually lived together with humans. On the other hand, those living in houses were fed raw cat food. Catademy reviewed 5 escape proof cat harnesses. After the Second World War, the […]

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Socializing the puppy dog

The socialization of the puppy, which generally goes from the eighth to the twelfth week of life, is a period of fundamental importance to ensure that it grows “balanced”, or at least that it does not have problems linked to negative experiences of this period. We hear a bit ‘everywhere that the puppy must know […]

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6 Curiosities About Vibrissae!

Vibrissae are a fundamental part of the body for cats and should never be cut because among many things they regulate their balance and orientation. Today we want to reveal 6 curiosities about vibrissae! Vibrissae reflect the cat’s state of mind As with the tail, even vibrissae can reveal the mood of the cat, just […]

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Can cats eat eggs? And what do they get out of it?

There was a time, which now sounds far away to many, when the cat was little more than a “means” for the inhabitants of a house: the means by which to get rid of rodents, specifically. Precisely for this reason it was always kept a little hungry, which pushed it, in addition to hunting mice, […]

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Agira, Tari refund if you adopt from a kennel

The small town of Agira, with about 8000 inhabitants, is located in Sicily and more precisely in the province of Enna. Recently, the mayor Maria Greco has launched a nice initiative to improve the living conditions of strays and limit the costs borne by the community. We are not sure, however, that the hoped-for results […]

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Is the cat crying? That’s why

By “cat’s cry” we mean a whining meow, which usually appears continuous and not in a single form. We specify the subject of this article because a few days ago a piece was published about a kitten who cried real tears. Just as every shade of meowing has its own cause and meaning, so does […]

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Dog bites his family while trying to get them to wear a sweater

It happened a few days ago in Tampa, Florida. The news was reported in Italy by, which, as rarely happens in these cases, told what happened without taking the family’s side, but launching an attack on the foolish request of the owner, who wanted at all costs to make her Pitbull, Scarface, wear a […]

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Kong for Dogs: A useful and challenging game for dogs.

WHAT IS THE KONG Kong is an educational game for dogs, invented in the mid-70s. It has a conical shape and is made of very resistant natural rubber. A large hole in the lower part allows you to insert food in any shape and texture you want. The small hole in the upper part prevents […]

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