6 Curiosities About Vibrissae!

Vibrissae are a fundamental part of the body for cats and should never be cut because among many things they regulate their balance and orientation. Today we want to reveal 6 curiosities about vibrissae! Vibrissae reflect the cat’s state of mind As with the tail, even vibrissae can reveal the mood of the cat, just […]

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Can cats eat eggs? And what do they get out of it?

There was a time, which now sounds far away to many, when the cat was little more than a “means” for the inhabitants of a house: the means by which to get rid of rodents, specifically. Precisely for this reason it was always kept a little hungry, which pushed it, in addition to hunting mice, […]

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Is the cat crying? That’s why

By “cat’s cry” we mean a whining meow, which usually appears continuous and not in a single form. We specify the subject of this article because a few days ago a piece was published about a kitten who cried real tears. Just as every shade of meowing has its own cause and meaning, so does […]

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6 tips for your cat’s well-being

When we choose to adopt an animal we must be aware that we must take care of it and make it feel good. Below are 6 tips on how to make sure our cat is happy. Let your cat “graze” in the house Catnip plants are an interesting help for your cat. They help the […]

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Do you want a cat? Then be ready to give him health care when he will need it.

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