Dog bites his family while trying to get them to wear a sweater

It happened a few days ago in Tampa, Florida. The news was reported in Italy by, which, as rarely happens in these cases, told what happened without taking the family’s side, but launching an attack on the foolish request of the owner, who wanted at all costs to make her Pitbull, Scarface, wear a Christmas sweater.


As sadly happens on these occasions, the circumstances arise from a total ignorance of the basic rules of living with a dog. There is no respect, no way out. The will of the human being is always and in any case superior to the needs of the dog. The human being is the centre of the absolute world and all the others must stand at his feet and respect his will.

A few days ago, Brenda Guerrero, a 52-year-old girl from Tampa, tried to force the dog to wear a Christmas sweater, certainly for the first time. We don’t know how things went, but we are certain that the dog tried in every way to tell her that she didn’t like it at all.

Scarface must have yawned, tried to walk away or maybe even growled. All signs of calm in full, but his owner was determined to make him wear that sweater.

What resource was left to him to avoid what from his point of view was a real attack? The bite, and so it was. Immediately afterwards, the husband intervened and in order to “save” his wife, he got into an argument, taking a bite too. Then the genius, the resolver, the savior of the homeland: the couple’s 22-year-old son takes a knife and starts hitting the dog in the neck, which finally lets go.

The three manage to save themselves and call the authorities. What did they say on the phone to the rescue services? We like to think they said “we’re ignorant idiots, come and save us”, but we’re sure they didn’t.


Discounted, especially since we’re in America. A few hours ago, euthanasia was performed on Scarface, because it was considered dangerous and because of serious neck injuries.


Since the horrible epilogue that is not a sensation in America, this whole story leaves a veil of enormous sadness. Hundreds of dogs are euthanized every day in the United States, simply to reduce overcrowding in kennels or because no one has claimed them after a few weeks. This is another sad story.

Scarface’s euthanasia is perhaps even sadder than the everyday reality in the United States. It is the result of the ignorance of an entire family that should not have had dogs. We are 100% sure that the episode of the attack was not an isolated incident. Although the request to wear a sweater is completely unreasonable, and especially for a dog of that size, the episode certainly fits into a context of total disrespect for the dog.

We agree that the request for the sweater was unreasonable, but to refer only to that episode is unfair. It contributes to spreading the usual idea that the dog can “go crazy” from one moment to the next, and can attack us all for no reason. It contributes to the widespread idea that “they’re still animals… be careful”.

No, it doesn’t. Such a disproportionate reaction (from a human point of view) is the result of daily living with the dog. It is the result of a lack of respect and of not having understood at all the nature of the dog, his needs, his way of life, his social rules, his thoughts, his aspirations.

Sadly, the person who makes the expenses is a poor dog, subjected to euthanasia exclusively because of the total ignorance of its owners.

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