6 tips for your cat’s well-being

When we choose to adopt an animal we must be aware that we must take care of it and make it feel good. Below are 6 tips on how to make sure our cat is happy.

Let your cat “graze” in the house

Catnip plants are an interesting help for your cat. They help the cat’s digestion and since they grow quietly indoors, your little friend can eat them and enjoy them whenever he wants. It’s rich in fibre such as barley, oats and wheat, so it’s more than healthy.

Get the right number of litters

The ideal is to get a cat litter tray plus one because they don’t like to share it with any other cat. Cleaning it regularly also prevents your cat from doing her needs outside of it and making the house dirty.

Brush your cat every day

This activity can serve several purposes: to create a bond with your cat, prevent her from losing too much hair and consequently reduce the problem of hairballs (here you can find all the information about hairballs) and check that your cat is not in pain while brushing, so you can immediately call your vet. It may not be easy at first because not all cats are inclined to get brushed, but if you start giving him rewards for every time he does it while he’s doing it well, he’ll understand and in a few weeks he won’t object any more. Remember that brushing him regularly avoids a lot of his hair scattered around the house and on your clothes!

Here you will find a great way to remove cat hair from your clothes! Here you will find the best cat brush on the market.

Let your cat play outside every day

This activity not only keeps him mentally and physically active, but will also strengthen your bond with him. It’s wrong to believe that your cats don’t like playing outside, but you can encourage them by buying them games. If you don’t have the opportunity to let him play in a garden or open space, play with him in the house. The game is essential because the cat needs to hunt and keep fit!

Install a perch near the window

Cats really like to look out the window and see what’s going on. Cat perches are super safe and easy to install, buying one can only make your 4-legged friend’s life better.

Microchip it

The microchip is a quick and easy way to stay calm if you don’t see your cat coming back or if it has run away without warning. Any vet can help you with its application. It is very convenient because associated with the microchip there are your data (such as address and phone number), so if you change number or address, just update them.

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