Is the cat crying? That’s why

By “cat’s cry” we mean a whining meow, which usually appears continuous and not in a single form. We specify the subject of this article because a few days ago a piece was published about a kitten who cried real tears.

Just as every shade of meowing has its own cause and meaning, so does crying. To understand the causes that lead a cat to cry, however, it is necessary to examine the environment in which she lives, her age, her routine, how long she has been at home and any recent traumatic events.

It is not always alarming to the health of your cat when this happens.

One of the most common cases is the sleepless cat who cries at night. If this is the situation you are in, you will probably just need to educate your kitten at different times of sleep and wakefulness. We refer you to this article for specific measures to be taken to solve the problem.

If the adoption is recent, don’t worry: you just need to arm yourself with a little patience and the crying will stop by itself. Your kitten is probably confused by the new environment in which he is, and what’s more, if it is a puppy, you may miss his mother and siblings. In both cases, it can help to prepare him a warm and comfortable kennel equipped with a blanket in which he can wrap himself, which can “simulate” his mother’s fur. Even better, welcome him to sleep with you if he wishes. During his waking hours, try to cheer him up by letting him play.

When there has been mourning in the family, whether feline or human, and the kitten walks around the house crying, he does exactly what he seems to do: he communicates his grief at the death of the deceased, and wanders around looking for him precisely because he misses him. Give him his time: little by little, he will understand that his friend is not coming back. Of course, you can help him by cuddling him and cheering him up with various games.

However, there are circumstances in which you may need to ask yourself a few more questions, and perhaps even seek veterinary advice.

Puppies also cry a lot, so there may be other reasons for this – you’ll find them here.

Did your kitten start crying like that out of nowhere? If it is a female, it is not sterilized, it is simply throwing its call to the males of its species; if then it rolls on the ground frequently and at the touch of a hand raises the bottom, thus bringing itself in a mating position, it is almost sure that it is nothing else than the heat period. On the contrary, it is the case to keep a careful eye on your feline in order to detect unusual behaviour: a greater quantity of faeces or urine, an increased or decreased appetite, the tendency to lick itself more often than usual, vomiting, diarrhoea or any other unusual note may be symptoms of a disease which makes the kitten suffer, which then cries to vent its pain. Only a vet can tell you what the problem is.

All the more reason, if this behaviour occurs in an elderly cat, it’s worth seeing a vet. Your old man may simply feel confused by the deterioration of his senses, or his crying may manifest physical discomfort.

Let’s leave for last, to close this article, a rather rare and particular case.

What to do if the cat cries all the time, literally all the time? One wonders if in this case you are not mistaken for crying meows, in which case you have simply touched a chatty kitten. It is known that some breeds, like Siamese, for example, tend to chat a lot. It may be his way of asking you for more attention; here too, an extra eye to his habits and behaviour is not bad, just to rule out clinical reasons. Of course, if it makes you feel more comfortable, feel free to knock on the vet’s door!

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