6 Curiosities About Vibrissae!

Vibrissae are a fundamental part of the body for cats and should never be cut because among many things they regulate their balance and orientation. Today we want to reveal 6 curiosities about vibrissae!

Vibrissae reflect the cat’s state of mind

As with the tail, even vibrissae can reveal the mood of the cat, just observe carefully. If the cat is calm and relaxed, the vibrissae will be calm and relaxed too, if they point outwards they are happy or excited about something and if, instead, they are pulled back flattened towards the cheeks, then the animal is angry or scared. Curiosity: Did you know that the Laperm breed has curly vibrissae just like its fur?

They must never be cut!

As I said, vibrissae are fundamental for cats. If cut, the cat will lose its balance and orientation, will feel disoriented and uncomfortable.

Vibrissae can change color

Just as a human grows white hair with age, so it happens that the vibrissae of a cat is not as white as it was when it was young. These, in fact, can change color with the passing of time. Curiosity: the vibrissae of the Bombay breed are entirely black, like the color of its hair.

Who said they are only found on the sides of the mouth?

The vibrissae are spread a bit all over the cat’s body: not only on the sides of the mouth, but also on the eyes, under the chin and under the front legs. It is thanks to this combination that the cat can find its way around and understand its environment.

Super sensitivity

Did you know that the cat can feel the slightest change in wind direction thanks to its vibrissae? These are very sensitive, so it is important not to cut them. Tip: Buy your cat a flat bowl that won’t touch the vibrissae when she lowers to eat or drink, you’ll make her very happy!

The super sensitivity of the vibrissae is the cause of one of the typical behaviours of the cat that for us humans, is… bizarre! Do you want to find out which one? Click here!

“Vibrissae Testing”

Precisely because vibrissae are used for orientation, cats use them to control how narrow a space is: if vibrissae touch the edges of any enclosed space, the cat will not enter it because it knows it will get stuck there. Vibrissae are said to lengthen as they grow: surely a kitten can get into a smaller space than an adult cat!

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